Style by Local Honey is a styling service that's customizable to fit your needs. As the owner of Local Honey, I not only want to use my passion for style to sell clothes, but also to help dress you! Whether you need the perfect look for a big occasion or just a seasonal closet reboot, I’ve got you covered.


Specific Item Search
Have you been dying for a great pair of Mom jeans but hate all the ones you’ve tried? Let me find you the perfect pair, in your budget, of course.

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Special Occasion styling

Do you have a big event or important photoshoot coming up? Allow me to style you. Share specific details on the event and desired outcome, set a budget, and let me do the rest! 

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Seasonal Wardrobe Update
Need some new pieces to spice up your wardrobe? Want to appear more stylish but can’t be bothered to research trends or go shopping? Just let me know what you’re looking for and what your budget is and I got you. 

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Have custom styling or personal shopping needs that you don’t find in these packages? I’d be happy to work with you in finding a fashion solution!

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6 years of retail experience, 4 of those in management positions.
2 years experience operating a fashion boutique. This includes the buying process, styling photoshoots to make garments as appealing as possible, and catering to a variety of personal styles. Influencing individual’s styles in my personal life. I have provided 3 testimonials of people who feel that I’ve influenced their fashion game.

What people say

Jolene has truly helped me to step up my fashion game. She not only gave me guidance, but she helped me to be confident in what I wear! Jolene especially helped to put simple outfits together for day to day looks. I used to just throw on whatever worked, but I had no idea how much it could help my confidence. 


Before I met Jolene I wore the same 5 polo t-shirts and jeans I got from six box stores and nike shoes. Jolene’s help with my style not only helped my look, but also helped my confidence. Even switching from jeans to joggers was something so simple, but effective. She has really helped to shape my view of what clothes can be.


I am so grateful to have Jolene! She allows me to take my style interests and run with them. She’s shown me how to confidently put together outfits that make me feel AMAZING & are also unique and trendy.  Jolene helped me mold the street and boho/vintage styles and has empowered me to walk with confidence in my favorite looks!


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