The Foundation Collection & 2020 Goals

Happy Monday, honeys!

I hope everyone is surviving the winter! This time of year always kills me but I’ve kept it together pretty damn well considering this is my first real winter in 4 years. I am so excited for 2020!!! It’s so cleche to say that I have a good feeling about this year but it’s true. I knew 2019 would be a year of transition for me and it definitely was, but now that I’ve built a solid foundation and settled into my new home I’m ready to thrive at the things that fuel me most.

Speaking of what fuels me most, let’s talk about what’s been going on with Local Honey! I have not dropped a collection since July and that breaks my heart. I’ve had to take some time to prepare to make future drops better than anything you’ve seen before and tbh, I think I’m killing it. I am so pleased with how the photoshoot turned out and I think the clothes are really dope. I’m staying more true to my personal style moving forward, I hope you honeys are cool with that.

I named this next collection the Foundation collection because it is a compilation of what I consider wardrobe essentials. The items are very basic with a focus on silhouette and wearability. Each piece can be worn and styled a ton of different ways and worn throughout many seasons. This collection of 16 pieces will be available this Thursday, 1/16.

Don’t trip though, shortly after this drop I will be releasing my first ever, personally designed clothing. The drop will consist of 3 different designs, each printed on two different garment types. I learned so much through that process and I truly can’t wait to see how I elevate my designs in the future.

Annnnnd after my designs are released, the second collection of 2020 will drop which is filled with more fun pieces that spice up the basics you already stocked up on. They are great transition pieces from winter to spring and I swear you’re gonna want your hands on everything.

I currently do not have a pop-up lined up but I’m always working on it! Maybe I’ll go back to Florida next? Stay tuned for updates 🙂

NOW LET’S GET PERSONAL. Honestly, I don’t have anything monumental to share with you all. I didn’t go into depth with setting new year’s goals or anything but I do know that I’m very serious about Local Honey. I feel so passionate about this brand and absolutely nothing compares to how I feel when I’m making progress. I would love to see some major growth in 2020 and I promise I’m doing everything I can to make that happen. Denver is still chill, I’ve been fairly consistent with my fitness and nutrition routines, I’m not focused on much socially and I think that’s great. Taking adequate time for myself and prioritizing things other than my social life is a hard adjustment for me but I can see it paying off. Overall, the future is looking bright baby.

Thanks for joining me on the ride, honey <3



Hello my honeys! I have missed you all dearly. Although it’s been a while since I’ve written a post, I have been uploading to my Youtube channel pretty regularly and I also had my first Denver pop up shop! I promise I am always working on this brand in some form… Even if it’s just racking my brain with too many ideas to handle.

I wasn’t sure whether to make this concept into a video or a blog post. After assessing my smudged makeup and greasy topknot, I decided blog post it was! I will be sharing all of my current favs from makeup to fashion to food. This is your ultimate guide to the best of the best this season.


Okay, so this is nothing new in my routine, but I wanted to emphasize my love for the Maybelline Superstay foundation. I have bought countless bottles of this stuff, using a few lighter coverage options on my off days but mostly sticking to this. I had been using it for so long that I wanted to try something new and picked up a Benefit cosmetics foundation for triple the price. A week later I returned the benefit one and stuck with my OG, being reminded just how good it is. The staying power is unmatched, the coverage is amazing, and it doesn’t break me out. Love.



THESE BOOTS. Omg, they’re from Nasty Gal as you can see and I copped them for $40 since they always run sales. I have worn these nearly everyday since I got them and I love the edge they add to every outfit. They have quickly become a staple and I definitely recommend them if you’re on the hunt for a go-to black boot.

Processed with VSCO with ss1 preset

Gold jewelry is a constant for me, but gold chain necklaces have been everything lately. They look so cool but it’s still classic. I think they bring out my inner hoodrat and honestly I couldn’t be more pleased, lmao.

Processed with VSCO with al3 preset

My last fashion fav is leather pants. I have two different pairs, one is a shiny, textured leather from and one is a classic smooth leather from Zara. Both are a straight leg fit which makes them super on trend. I find that they pair with so much and can turn a basic outfit into a bad bitch outfit. Big fan.


You guys!!! I have found my new favorite recipe of all time. I take about a 6 inch piece of sourdough baguette and cut it in half the long way, spread Brie cheese over one side and Trader Joe’s vegan kale cashew pesto over the other side. Toast that in oven for about 8 minutes and cook up some seasoned chicken breast (fake chicken for me). Take the bread out and add the chicken slices, a few tomato slices, and a tiny bit of mayo for the most delicious sandwich you’ll ever eat. Thank me later.


Ugh, I don’t even want to talk about Playboi Carti. He did us dirty by not dropping his new album Whole Lotta Red on time so in the mean time, I’ve recently discovered a rapper that goes by Father and I really like his music. Ive had my favorite songs by him on repeat for the last couple months along with my typical lineup of Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, Smino (highly recommend if you don’t already listen to him), A$AP Mob, and some BROCKHAMPTON here and there as well. Music isn’t super interesting at the moment but I do have to say that hip hop has been a huge crutch for me during this big transition.

Lastly, I just wanna catch up with you guys. My job as a Visual Manager at H&M is going well, I really enjoy merchandising and I feel very much like I’m on the right path for my future. The Denver pop-up was amazing! Everyone was very interactive and I got a ton of support. I know I had mentioned the fashion rut I was going through in my last post but I am here to say that much has changed! I have felt more inspired and fearless with my fashion than ever before. I’m going to Florida this weekend to visit my friends which I could not be more excited about. I have so much love for those people and I’m missing those connections dearly, Don’t worry, I will be vlogging that entire trip and I promise it’ll be an entertaining one.

Until next time, I love you honeys so much!


Fashion Favs of the Moment

Happy Monday, Honeys!

Today we are talking all about fashion. I want to share my favorite pieces, outfits, trends, and all that fun stuff with you. Lately I’ve been feeling more bold and risky with my fashion choices but I’ve been having so much fun doing it!

One thing I’ve been rocking a tonnnn is button down shirts. I have quite the collection at this point! Some of my favorites are silk or satin but linen button downs feel amazing and look so chic as well. You can never go wrong with white but these tops are easy to make as the staple piece in your outfit too.


These wide leg white pants have also become a favorite. They are so unique but also have a classic feel. I feel very fashionable when I wear them and I can pair them with sooo many different tops!

A plain black or white crop top with some denim cut-offs will never do me wrong. It’s not about what you wear, it’s about how you wear it. A cool belt, straw bag, and gold accessories really elevate the look.


Lastly, Ive been loving an all white ‘fit.


As far as individual trends/pieces the stand out right now, the two blingy rings shown above have made me feel so put together and cute. I also get tons of compliments on them! Another big one is satin. I’ve always lovesdsatin everything but I’ve been seeing it more and more lately. When it blows up this fall, just remember that you saw it here first. 😉

I’ve also been wearing basically the same two pairs of shoes. When I’m more dressy I’ve been wearing these tan, strappy, block-heeled sandals that are featured in the pics. They go with EVERYTHING and look so chic, I highly recommend. If I’m not wearing those, I’m most likely rocking my straw slip on sandals. So easy and cute.

I hope you enjoyed this post, honeys! A NEW COLLECTION IS COMING VERY SOON <3


Happy Friday, Honeys!

There are so many things I’d like to talk about today. I tried filming a couple of YouTube videos to share my thoughts with you all but I just didn’t like them enough to upload them, so alas, a new blog post!

First of all, I am so excited to announce the launch of my very first men’s collection! This is something I’ve thought about doing for a while and it’s also something I get asked to do quite often. I remember when I was in elementary/middle school my mom and I would always watch Project Runway and other fashion-centered shows together and I would ALWAYS tell her that I wanted to be a men’s fashion designer. I was so fascinated by the work of the men on the show and even more intrigued by the way they dressed themselves. To me, men’s fashion is sophisticated and cool without trying too hard, and taking risks is encouraged but not a necessity. Trends shape menswear but don’t define it. I find myself wearing a good amount of men’s clothing and shoes and with that, I encourage ALL genders to shop whatever category of my clothes they want. <3

Now, let me break it all down for you. Live Local Honey is a lifestyle and fashion brand geared towards anyone who strives to live cool and dress cool. “Cool” is a subjective word and your definition of what’s cool is probably a lot different than mine. Strive for YOUR definition.

I refer to the boutique as simply Local Honey. Blog posts, YouTube videos, and social media platforms encompass the “Live” part of our name. With the introduction of my men’s collection, the structure of Local Honey will shift a bit. The men’s shop and those who support it are referred to as ‘Locals’ while the women’s shop is referred to as my ‘Honeys.’ When you go shopping on my site you will see a tab for “Shop Local” which will bring you to my selection of menswear and a tab labeled “Shop Honey” which leads you to all of my women apparel.

My goal is for every collection to be cohesive while still versatile enough to suit a variety of personal styles. I always try to keep our fashions contemporary, simple yet statement, and anything but basic. The men’s collection will be no exception.

If you happen to be local to Southwest Florida I highly encourage you to attend my upcoming pop-up event! On Thursday, May 30th I am hosting a party-style pop-up shop at Beach Records in Ft. Myers. I will be selling my women’s apparel and launching my men’s collection as well. This isn’t just about Local Honey, though. I want this to be a night about celebrating local talent and good summer vibes. I have a lineup of live music performing, drinks provided, some amazing art vendors selling their goods, and overall just a place to meet new people and have a good time.

I really hope to see some of you at my upcoming event and shopping my debut men’s collection! I love everyone who supports this brand oh so much and I am just so excited for the future <3


Hip Honey of the Month- Max

Hey there, Honeys!

I hope you’re having a fabulous day. I am so excited because today I am bringing back an OG series from my blog called Hip Honey of the Month where I interview people who have dope style. To be honest, I am not SUPER impressed with many people’s style, but something about my friend Max and his buddies really stood out to me. I decided to interview Max because every time I had seen him he was dressed in a unique yet hip and put together outfit. I admired his sense of style and I could tell he put effort into his outfits but he never looked like a try-hard. Max’s style is similar to how I’d imagine myself dressing as a boy. (minus the bling I would obviously be rocking, lol.)

Enjoy the interview, honeys!

Describe your style in three words: “Eclectic, Vintage, Stripes.”


Who is your style inspiration? “Dylan Rieder. He was a model and a skateboarder and I always liked his style. He wore a lot of button-downs. He kept his style minimal with not a lot of color but always wore cool shoes.” I realllllyyy resonated with this answer. And after doing some research on Dylan Rieder myself, I would have to agree with Max and admire the man’s sense of style. He was basically the definition of cool.



Max also mentioned his love for Johnny Depp and the inspiration he has pulled from him. He said he liked the wild look. I dig it.

Do you consider yourself a trend follower? “No… Mostly because I don’t know how people perceive me so I can’t really control how I want them to see me. If I see something and I like it, I wear it. Certain trends catch on of course but I wouldn’t say I go out of my way for them.”

What are some trends you can’t stand? “Yo what’s up with fanny packs these days???” Lmao. “I also think fashions are a little too flashy right now.”

What are your three favorite pieces from your wardrobe?

  1. Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Button Down. “I love vertical stripes so much and I just really liked the colors. This shirt kinda inspired my style, I saw it and just knew I was gonna buy it.”

Processed with VSCO with al3 preset

2. Thrifted Tan Suit Jacket. “I like to wear this for work events. The paisley lining is really cool, too.”

Processed with VSCO with al3 preset

Processed with VSCO with al3 preset

3. Denim Jacket/Shirt

“I think denim jackets are so nostalgic. This one has an Arizona Tea logo on it but I have a few that I wear all the time. They’re just so laid back and comfy. Everyone wishes they had a good denim jacket I think.”




Describe your go-to outfit and why it’s your go-to. “A short sleeve, button down shirt with pants and, depending on what I’m doing, some converse or loafers.” He doesn’t wear any jeans or shorts, I couldn’t believe it!!!


What’s your best piece of fashion advice? “Just dress like yourself. Wear what YOU like.” I love it!

Thanks again for letting me interview you, Max! He makes great music and has dope style, check him out.



Spring ’19 Trend Spotting

Happy Saturday, Honeys!

I hope you’re all having a beautiful day. Today’s blog post is all about my personal predictions for the coming season’s BIGGEST TRENDS. Not to toot my own horn, but the graphic tee and animal print forecasts were pretty spot on. 😉


Yo I have been seeing this everywhere. Alligator print leather goods from bags to shoes to belts, it’s all the rage. I’m living for it and luckily I’ve already accumulated quite a few alligator print accessories in the last year or so.

Balenciaga Spring ’19


Last spring we were taken over by yellow, but I see a much more muted spring ahead of us this year. I think that shades of nude, blush, white, and edgier fabrics will fill the collections. Maybe that’s just me wishfully thinking!

Gucci Spring ’19- neutrals & snakeskin


Satin is the perfect fabric to accompany muted neutrals because it really helps bring them to life. Satin is soft, sweet, and feminine just like spring. On the contrary, structured leather pieces have been creeping into collections all year but I think they are really going to be amplified this spring and they’ll help add an edge to the softer trends.

YSL Spring ’19




This trend started in the fall but I really don’t see it going anywhere. Fashion week was full of vibrant chartreuse and my personal favorite, neon pink. This trend is definitely growing on me and I think it can look really sick when well executed.

Gucci 2019 Spring Collection

Whatever you decide to rock this spring- just make sure you do it boldly. Talk to you soon, honey <3

My Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Happy Monday, Honeys!

This week I am going to be sharing my fall wardrobe essentials for you all. I know it may seem a little early but hey, it’s almost September and I can’t wait another minute to start dressing for my favorite season in fashion.

1. A Perfect Pair of Black Jeans

This is a huge staple for me. I tend to go for a high waisted skinny fit that hits right around the ankle. This is the most flattering for my body type while also working with most pieces in my closet, but you should go for whatever fit you feel most comfortable in. Black jeans are so essential because they can be worn super casually or dressed up for work and they pair with almost anything. Plus, they’re typically very flattering!

2. Neutral Basics

Fall is all about layering, so you’ll definitely need some basics. Personally, I would die without a black crop top and a black bodysuit. Find some with a neckline and silhouette that you prefer and your life will become a whole lot easier. I also love olive green and tan all the time, but especially for fall. I recently picked up a dropped, distressed military green top from LF that is perfect for fall as well as a tan short sleeved, relaxed tee from Zara. These types of pieces work with so many outfits and can be styled to perfection.

3. Statement Kimonos

Kimonos are underrated, they look so chic and put together without much effort. I like to wear them either over a monochromatic, fitted outfit or a simple bodycon dress. You can get really creative with patterns and textures which makes them a fun staple for fall.

4. A Go-To Bootie

Booties are an obvious choice for fall because they keep you warm while always looking chic. Booties pair well with skinny jeans, mom jeans, skirts, just about anything. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of pointy toe black or tan suede ones.

5. Animal Print

WE GET IT HOE, YOU LOOVEEE ANIMAL PRINT. I know, I promise I’ll chill sometime but animal print just goes with everything. Use it as a statement handbag, funky loafer, accent belt, or even as a layering piece. Pair with those perfect black jeans, neutral basics and go-to booties that I mentioned and you’re set. 😉

Along with all of these essentials, I will definitely be rocking gold jewelry, lots of sneakers, and tons of cozy cardigans all fall but those will probably never change.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration for fall ‘fits! See ya next week, honey <3


5 Summer Outfit Ideas

Happy Monday, Honeys!

Today’s post is very exciting because it’s all about my favorite outfits at the moment. I’ve put together three casual ‘fits along with two dressy/work appropriate outfits. The clothing pieces I chose are ones that I have found myself wearing a ton lately and I think you’d all enjoy as well. Let’s get right into it!

Outfit #1: Issa Rainbow ‘Fit

This outfit features one of my favorite tube tops from Brandy Melville in a rainbow pattern. I paired it with some dope cotton shorts I picked up from Forever 21. The shorts are a blue color with rainbow striping along the sides and across the bottom. Of course you know I had to sport the Air Force 1’s and Nike socks with this ‘fit. I would wear this outfit when I’m just chillin’ lowkey with my friends at night or running errands on a laid back day.

Outfit #2: Casual Tee & Denim Shorts



Here you can see me wearing one of my favorite Harley Davidson T-shirts that my roommate and I spotted at a local thrift store. I usually wear this shirt with some denim shorts, this day I opted for Local Honey new arrivals. 😉 I paired the outfit with some black Old Skool Vans and tons of gold necklaces to finish it off.

Outfit #3: The Cargo Pant Trend

This outfit is definitely one of my favs at the moment. These H&M cargo pants were on sale for only $12 and they look so cool without trying too hard. I paired them with a simple crop top from Express and of course, Air Force 1’s. Add some big gold hoops and layered gold necklaces to polish off the look perfectly.

Outfit #4: Dress Barn Queeeeen

For those of you who didn’t know, I currently work full time at Dress Barn in order to support myself until Local Honey can be a full time commitment. To be really honest, I hate waking up and having to wear boring, professional, conservative clothes. I still try and have fun with it and this has been one of my favorite outfits so far. The pants are, in fact, from Dress Barn and the off the shoulder top is from Pacsun. I like to wear this outfit with simple black heels but this slip-ons are much more practical and still cute.

Outfit #5: Leopard Print Dress

This dress is another pick-up from H&M that was only $10! It’s super comfortable and easy to wear. As you learned from my last post, animal print is one of my favorite things to rock and this is such a chic way to do it. I paired it with some simple black heels and my Forever 21 crossbody bag.

That’s a wrap for today’s post! I would just like to say that I have new arrivals waiting to be posted and even more on the way. I am itching to start selling them but with 55 hour work weeks and moving apartments it just has not been possible. Updates to come<3


Trend Spotting Fall ’18: Animal Print

Happy Monday, Honeys!

Today’s post is all about one of my favorite fashion trends of all time, animal print! I wouldn’t necessarily call this a “trend” because animal print has always been in style, but lately I feel like I’ve been seeing it everywhere. From leopard to snakeskin and everything in between, I am here for it, honey!

Animal prints are fun but they can be difficult to style, and if it’s not done right they can easily go tacky. My tips for avoiding that problem are to focus mostly on animal prints as accessories, with a few statement pieces mixed in there. For example, my phone case is a neutral leopard print so it’s subtle, but it definitely adds spice to all my outfits. Another way I like to add a little touch without making a huge statement is with my leopard print belt or crossover sandals. If I’m wearing a muted outfit, those pieces always bring it to life. Lastly, my purse at the moment is a white snakeskin and I think it makes every ‘fit look just a little bit cooler without trying too hard.

A recent Forever21 haul where I picked up some of my animal print favs

An example of how I styled the belt

Now I don’t wear animal print exclusively as accessories. One of my favorite skirts is a snakeskin faux leather one that I picked up this winter. It can be made professional or worn on a night out which I love. I also rock this snakeskin bandeau which can be paired with trousers and skirt when you’re really stepping out or just some black high waisted shorts for a more casual look. The last piece I’d like to highlight is a one piece bathing suit I recently picked up from H&M for only $25! It is so flattering and bathing suits are one of the most common ways I see the animal print trend incorporated.

Snakeskin Skirt | Forema Boutique


One Piece Suit | H&M


IMG_8437 copy.JPG
Snakeskin Bandeau | Shein

As I said before, I’ve been seeing this trend eeeeverywhere lately. YSL has some gorgeous leopard print pieces online right now and I think we all know that Gucci has been embracing animal print for some time now. I was shopping on NastyGal the other day and I found animal print everything! From bathing suits to body suits to nearly every silhouette of dress, you could find it in animal print. Many of the influencers I follow have been flaunting their animal prints as well. My style icon, Lauren Elizabeth, is well known for her utilization of leopard print.

A gorgeous snakeskin print Versace bag I recently found

Lauren Elizabeth subtly announcing her new clothing line will have leopard print

YouTuber Lexie looking very New York in a leopard print 2 piece set

That’s all for today! Thank you so much for reading and I can’t wait to see how all you honey’s start sporting animals prints! <3